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March 4, 2009

Re: Website

The 音楽CLUB website should not effect what we do over email except… we should maybe agree to only use, divshare, or zshare for files that we share with each other, except for files that we get from other blogs. in those cases, we should agree to link said blogs. Oh, and if we send a mix of zipfiles, we should maybe include a track listing in the email… Yay!

Andres, you are right, ghetto bass/global tech mixes are the order of the day. i am “feeling” two mixes that i recently got from mad decent, plus some other stuff:

Sinden’s Mix on Kiss FM 2.19.08
this kills from the first song onwards. i wish he started every mix with this song.

L-Vis 1900 – Dubplates Mix ’09
Again, blame my ignorance for not knowing about this dude until now. we are gonna be so in the know as this club progresses! this is some sort of minimal, highly evolved kuduro-inspired? global techno that has 90’s house flavors. wtf? i am obv soooo into it.

DJ Donna Night Mix ’09
via Discodust. Not actually nu whirled… more like “this is how we do it here in america,” but fits in with the vibe. dj donna summer is a perinnial fave of mine, dude gets better every year, for sure and i am feeling what he is doing here… nice use of paper planes in the opening
And because I am feeling silly today, a baby mix of just three songs using the same sample:


Strafe, “Set It Off”
the original!

DJ Chuck Chillout, “Rhythm is the Master”
i ❤ hip house

Jennifer Lopez f. Big Pun & Fat Joe, “Feelin So Good”
this song makes me so happy eternally.


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