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March 4, 2009

This was before I knew our club was going online, but I added some music to my “blog” in 2 posts – one featuring a Colombian cover of a famous movie song, and one featuring a full old Colombian album that you should download (consider it part of 音楽CLUB… I just wanted to share it with the whole world at the same time).

Today is all about kind of new, and also world booty. 2 song-filled zips, and links galore.

First, an electro-and-stuff mini-comp of some old(er), and some new. I don’t get exactly the definition of e l e c t r o… but this is my impression.

Is this electro? [listen in order]

Second little collection: world booty, or ghetto bass, or “nu whirled,” or whatever these disparate yet connected things might be. The two mixes linked below also relate to this theme. The first one you have to listen to if you haven’t already. I find it amazing all (maybe almost all) the way through. It doesn’t let up. What a mix. Make sure your headphones are good or you feel energetic or you have good speakers. The second is from Mudd Up, DJ/Rupture’s page, a recording he got of NY radio last weekend. But first, a link to a folder with some newly downloaded gems. 

a. Ghetto Bass
b. UK funky mix
c. NYC FM recording


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