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March 2, 2009

Did you see the video for that “Synthesize” track you posted? I saw it a couple of days ago on a large YouTube screen (why are they large sometimes?) and it was really nice

OK well you’ve started off March with some elecro and related, and so it’s time to send you the – to me – most interesting electro mix I have ever heard, which was “Kitsune Udon” – Kitsune’s release maybe two years ago in a 2 volume set. So here is Disc 1 mixed by the Kitsune DJs and Disc 2 mixed by Shinichi Osawa (this mix has some amazing parts)

They are a little dated to me, because I think I have listened to them more than any other electro music ever. They are what got me into electronic music wholeheartedly in the first place. But enough talking them up. While they may not still blow minds as they did upon their release, they are still full of some overwhelming songs.

(Wow, I am listening to Pink Lady right now… insane!! Track 12 where they shout the name of the band, “Pinku reidi, pinku reidi…”)
Also this mix at this blog you showed me, Alexis, is amazing. Mexican pop and more, psychedelic mix – gorgeous.


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