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February 26, 2009

I told myself I wasn’t going to make a mix tonight. I have spent too many hours downloading music, obsessing over music, listening to music, and not sleeping – so here it is. The Februaric Summer mix – actually, now that I listen to it, it doesn’t sound like summer at all – or does it? It’s so cold here. When Alexis was rejoicing over the arrival of spring, I was wondering when we would see the sun again. What happened? Our fortunes have reversed. Tokyo of the warm February, blue skies, has disappeared. I haven’t seen the blue sky since Saturday. Every morning my eyes struggle to open all the way in the dim, dull gray Tokyo light!

This mix is designed to change the weather here, in the same way that Chinese scientists were able to make it rain, and snow, with their machines and their atmosphere-altering science.

1. Piero
2. Edu Lobo
3. Joe Crepúsculo
4. Os Mutantes
5. Yo La Tengo
6. Yo La Tengo
7. Afro-Cuban All Stars
8. Café Tacvba
9. Nycc
10. Gui Boratto

Not the outwardly joyful type of summer mix. More the melancholic, yet warm type. Enjoy!


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