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February 21, 2009

Today it’s time for me to share some of the gems I have found this week. It’s possible some of them are not new to you. They are what is keeping me going:

NOLA BOUNCE – First, for Alexis (I am sure you know this already) GO
KWAITO/PITORI – I saw this on Masala first, and now I am obsessed with it GO
NEW/OLD CUMBIA – This is also from the fader, a classic cumbia mix from this guy Gavin from SF who settled in Buenos Aires for a while and did pretty well for himself (check out his myspace, too – artist name Oro 11). I really like the middle when he actually goes into old cumbias. GO
CUMBIA – OK this mix from DJ/Rupture and the Masala guy’s cumbia website is also really good GO
WOW MIX – And finaly this mix from Ghetto Bassquakes is amazing – especially like the 3rd or 4th song in, this old schol early “reggaeton” from Panama or Nicaragua (female vocals), amazing song about how you need dinero to get a pedazito (I love this mix) GO


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