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February 21, 2009

The Zizek comp is good but there is so much other stuff I am liking more right now.

Like this


the first song is driving me crazy.

I like Bersa Discos in general. Yesterday I sent you a link to one of their mixes I think (via the Fader). It’s pretty good though all over the place – but has moments of greatness.

Also one of Bersa’s founders, Oro 11, has one of the songs you initially liked from the Zizek comp on a mix I sent couple weeks ago here (“El Cangrejo” … the bass line is crazy).

My favorite is still classic cumbia, but a lot of the Zizek/Bersa stuff does get me. And I can feel it getting me slightly more. Like I re-listened to a track by Fauna on the mix just now and really got into the beat, and kind of began warming up to the vocals.

I was going to ask you again to send me more Whitest Boy Alive, but I guess only send it if you are into it. If so, I definitely want more of your music that’s in that vein. A lot of it is hit or miss for me – either reaching the heights of amazing, or just missing and instead just being kind of nice, but not transcendental.


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