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February 12, 2009

greetings from my couch!

today’s songs are in no intentional order

*pure morning – placebo (les rhythmes digitales remix)
i have no idea where i got this song from or how long it’s been hiding in my itunes. i just found it the other day and i really like it

*holiday on ice – le knight club

*like some dream (i can’t stop dreaming) – daniel wang
this song is the best… it is off the comp electric chair – saved my life by the unabombers that maggie recommended to me. i only was able to download half the comp but at least i was introduced to this song

*golden cage – the whitest boy alive

*thinkin bout ya – timex social club (bounce mix)
jenny, andres was asking for booty music. he didn’t have my boo or shorty swing my way! nola bounce imo is just as good if not better than miami bass. i like this mash-up that someone on the hollerboard made…

*N. O. Block Party – Partners N Crime
this is the quintessential nola bounce song. to me, it is perfection. the arrangement! the call n’ response! the breakdowns… ugh, i love it. i walked into savalas last week and cousin cole was spinning it and i lost it.

please to enjoy.


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