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February 10, 2009

i am really enjoying not/maybe catching a cold party.

the edu lobo stuff is breathtaking.  lols @ para elisa.  it has a nice balance of being both humorous and just damn good.  pikatxu is my new favorite digi cumbia song (not that i had any before).  i kinda forgot what i was doing during the next one, i mean, it’s good, but i went back to downloading music and cleaning up my desktop etc.  however… the next song came on and i wtf.  shit now i have a newer favorite digi cumbia song.  it’s so next next level and exactly what i want to be listening to always….  ahhhh pootie too good.  can you fwd the whole comp?   the last song has a great groove and not at all annoying as a remake as i expected.  it’s giving me flashbacks from working at am appy, but it goes on this week’s merkato playlist for sure.

it’s a pretty perfectly curated miniature podcast party that i want to have with other people one day.

great job!


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