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February 4, 2009
wednesday parties in color


the beat is nice, the lyrics are enjoyable, but the chorus is what makes this my pick for wednesday night! if it works for tokyo it should work for you too. (1) “tha kee tha tha” by five letters, on strut records “disco italia: essential italo disco classics” compiled by steve kotey of chicken lips, who i will eternally love for their dj kicks.


track 2 off the same album, (2) “brazilian dancer” by kasso should be an instant hit. so good!
with a religiously full sound, (3) sally shapiro “he keeps me alive (extended mix).”
some wonderfully open and joyful chicha by (4) los hijos del sol with (“si me quieres”):


si me quieres dimelo/
si te gusto dimelo/
si me adoras dimelo/
si me odias dimelo

rounding it off with a song i am just hearing now for the first time, from a cumbia comp. i just got, “cumbia cumbia vol.2” this is by the classic band (5) la sonora dinamita, a great, low key, rootsy cumbiai love this. the singing, the melancholic nature of it.

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