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January 21, 2009

Jenny and Alexis,

In all honesty, you two somehow re-awoke my absolute love for music. I mean, I always love music – no matter what. But now I feel like I love it even more.

Anyway, since we now have YouTube party and print club going, I thought I would add one more club, which is 音楽CLUB (音楽 = おんがく = on-gaku = music). This is the e-mail chain where we can send each other awesome mp3s. I really want to hear more music from you two. Jenny I loved the two tracks you sent the other day (one was Jennifer Lara…), and also there are so many times when I want to tell people, ‘This song is awesome!’ but people aren’t always around to tell (especially here in Tokyo, where as rich as my life can be sometimes, it is relatively scarce in terms of being (not-being) surrounded by people I really love).

So, there are like a million songs I am loving right now, but this one is an old one from the “Viejoteca” CD my aunt picked up while visiting my grandma in Pasto last month. I don’t know the name or the artist, but it feels old, and like maybe my grandma would know it, and I love, love the backup singers. It’s a little late for new year’s, but I guess save it for next year.

Looking forward to your selections!



Tony Camargo, “Cinco Pa Las Doce” ゲット [DL]

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