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street science: back on the streets with dj ripley

February 22, 2012

i’ve had the opportunity to get to know dj ripley over the past year or so as she’s transplanted herself down here to nyc from boston. she has the greatest attitude and spirit about parties, scenes, politics and being a dj for life.

From her blog:

Music exists because it crosses borders, literally and figuratively. Physical borders: eardrums, walls, and legal borders: nations, zones. The best musical experiences often occur outside legal frameworks of ownership and licenses (breaking zoning laws, squatted buildings, pirate radio). Although I am not always in official control of the venues in which I perform, I put myself and the audience in undeniable literal control of the space, to the point of creating a kind of solidarity of pleasure across social boundaries.

she threw a party last month called turn/return that a lot of nyc promoters and djs could learn from, since her values were omnipresent:  the incubation of creativity and dialogue, providing equitable and fair pay for djs, and a general positive atmosphere. tonight on street science, we will discuss the limitations and opportunities for mischief and merrymaking in new york nightlife, the music of the occupy movement, and hopefully just enjoy some great, new music.

connect with us tonight on at a special time of 10:10pm-11:10pm.

street science: trap ambience

February 9, 2012

ゲット [download]


  1. “shisheido” – fennesz
  2. “king of sorrow (dj slackboi chopped and screwed mix)” – sade
  3. “h.a.t.e.u. (party trash chopped and screwed mix)” – mariah carey
  4. “post-modern ambience (pm_jawn eartha kitt knowledge drop edit)” – space shuttle oprah
  5. “in the air tonight (dj screw chopped and screwed mix)” – phil collins
  6. “black dunes (holy other’s woman in the dunes mix)” – they will destroy you
  7. “el oeste” – john talabot
  8. “the host (sines slowed bootleg)” – the weeknd
  9. “espectros en el minarete” – kixly
  10. “questionaire” – seduced
  11. “sa*yo*na*ra” – ~ Ǥ õ § ƪ õ ŵ ~
  12. “blvck diamonds pearls” – spvceghostpurrp
  13. “a man’s life” – mondre m.a.n.
  14. “she got it” – 2pistols ft. t-pain
  15. “let’s get blown” – snoop dogg

last night was the first show where i am not sure if anyone was listening live or not. that might be just as well, since the vibe was very much about creating a solitary fort underneath bedsheets fitting 1-2 people. if a blogger has an online radio show and no one listens to it, is it still sexy?

street science: club ice cap dot com

January 12, 2012


  1. “massacooramaan theme” – massacooramaan
  2. “crepuscle” – nevin
  3. “sizzurp valley” – creampie
  4. “la isla bonita” – sonora
  5. “lotus flower bomb” – dj kiff “mr.ocheekanowow”
  6. “say yes 2k11” – dj manny
  7. “get paid” nadus
  8. “my bad (dj mike q ballroom remix) – party squad ft. roxy cottontail
  9. “i’m on one (unicorn kid stadium mix) – drake
  10. “sweaty” – FLYBVCK & jairomendez
  11. “dubious prey” – lamin fofana
  12. “hood by air theme” – kingdom
  13. “who da neighbors” – dj sliink
  14. “pimpin smokin dro” – los rakas ft. e-40

ゲット [download]

street science has been an interesting process for me. to quote a tweet from this article on seapunk aptly lol’d at by wayne, “are you URL or IRL?”*

i thought street science would lean more IRL than URL, so i am really ecstatic when i get when i have guests. but whenever i do a show on my own, i get to expose my love affair with making the consumption of music from the internet as effortless and efficient as possible.** consuming media online can be anxiety-provoking and requires stamina, but it’s good to let it work for you a little. in this respect, i feel like a toddler in the shallow end of a very deep pool of diggers, but IT’S ALL THE SAME WATER. we are all in this together.

this is my offering to the goddess of transparency:

  • i subscribe to 100+ music blogs in my rss feed, google reader. i miss the share function, which allowed passing and receiving gems with friends, but the mourning period is over. i star items that i like or suspect i am going to like, being careful to skim through posts by my faves, incl. weird magic, palms out sounds, and others. can’t divulge too much, you know? (but if you holler, i will totz send you the whole bundle)
  • i have 1,000+ favorited tweets. some are hahas or profound thoughts from my friends, but most are those that have intriguing media links i can’t get to during a normal day.
  • i just started saving favorites in soundcloud. it’s a baby step, but i am working on optimizing it.
  • people send me stuff sometimes over email. when i first started this blog, i began to get a lot of promo emails from mostly latin american labels and artists. much of that has tapered off, since i have so veered off that track, but sometimes i get occasional jewels.
  • the weekend before a show, i sit down and stream through all the hearts and stars in my e-verse and try to come up with a nice story that i want to tell. stories about the recent weeks on the internet.  hopefully sometimes they can also tell about what’s going on in real life streets, nightclubs, beaches and bedrooms.

this week’s story is about a couple meeting at a club on a melting polar ice cap.

*just in case you missed it, my article for cluster on seapunk

**i don’t really buy that much music. definitely not cds or singles on itunes or beatport. if anything, i will buy vinyl (old or new), mixtapes with artwork, or whatever i can get directly from the artist. even then, those instances are fewer than i’d like. 2012 resolution: spend more on music, but keep it ethical. might try to post some SOPA related links over the weekend

street science: 2011 recap

December 13, 2011


i was blessed this year to return to a passion of community, non-commercial radio on washington heights free radio. not only has it been a great way to share my favorite “super-under” music with the people i love (and random people on the internet), but i’ve also been able to share the music of some of my favorite local djs. of the 23 shows i did this year, i wanted to highlight these 6 for one reason or another, but i am incredibly happy to share the whole archive. click on the linked titles to see the playlists.

4/13 – a very based show w/raythedestroyerゲット [download]

this was me rediscovering a passion for rap music that i hadn’t felt since  the early 2000s. the continued dominance of ofwgkta, lil b, and the emergence clams casino, spaceghostpurrp, frank ocean, the weeknd, shabazz palaces, even kreayshawn (i gave her the college try) have reinvigorated hip hop and brought it to new, thoughtful, based, complex levels. i feel squeamish being self-congratulatory, but i remember many of these acts being unknown or barely known at this point, so its cool to listen back and remember the joy of discovery. this is also the first show that i felt comfortable on the mic with ray by my side. our rapport is the best. i wish we had a talk show.

 4/27 – tijuana swag jamzゲット [download]

this was a precursor for my article on los macuanos for cluster mag. i was, and still am, fascinated by ruidoson, crunk cumbia, and other sounds of “alt cumbia”. i find it frustrating when bands and djs find themselves clutching to traditionalism and sampling of folk sounds while also poo-pooing new, experimental, indie-leaning interpretations, especially when the music is really, really good. i had thought that street science was going to be much more latin-american oriented than it ended up being, so i am happy that i took this rare opportunity to express my love for new (mostly) mexican music.

5/11 – beachside oversaturationゲット [download]

this is what 2011 felt like to me. it felt hazy, warped, filtered, and emotional. i think this is street science’s sound.

7/20 – radiation therapy w/venus xゲット [download]

okay. in short, i started going to ghe20 g0th1k summer 2010 and was a fan from the start, but i didn’t meet venus until after the nonsense with diplo. i went up to her when she performed at que bajo in april to show her love and found her to be supportive, inspirational, but more than anything sweet. sometimes having a hero also be a friend can be amazing and that’s what i think our show together was. one of the criticisms of our show i’ve heard is that we giggled too much. that is too bad, because radio should be fun and pardon me for being overwhelmed by the delight of a young, half-dominican/half-ecuadorian woman and a young, half-black/half-ecuadorian woman having an open, unfiltered dialogue about music, culture and politics. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. also, her sets were dope as shit. totally worth a close listen.

8/17 – flatbush fiyah w/dj rainstickゲット [download]

i had the most fun during this show. tony really brought a community/pirate radio vibe to his set which really elevated street science. his enthusiasm is infectious, as are his sets. i have to admit that the embedded track is 10mins shorter than the link on the whfr site, because there were some technical difficulties in the beginning, but this is way better for your ears.

12/7 – drizzlyゲット [download]

um. this is the mixtape i made for you. yes, you. hope you like it. sorry the playlist is a bit wonky, but imagine it as the back of a cassette tape and it’ll make more sense.

















street science: 305 family reunion

November 9, 2011

tonight on street science, my guest will be burt fox of riot control nyc, who will be bringing in some 90’s booty music from hie hometown of miami.  we’ll be talking about the history of the scene, from 80’s freestyle and early bass music to the local radio in the 90’s.

here’s what else he has to say:

the personality of miami is not subtle. club and drug culture has always been big. it’s really hot out…i think it’s interesting how a local style developed that captured that personality really well and how that relates to the importance of “being yourself” as a human being or artist or whatever..   that you will shine the brightest and be the most charismatic when you embrace who you are.  it’s not a popular style anymore, but it’s still beloved by the people there. i think a lot of that is because the people who made it did a great mixture of their own personalities, the personality of the city, and the ideas they got from building it up together.

not being from florida, i always got the impression that the booty music scene was like family, with personalities with names like uncle al and uncle luke.

dj uncle al – menalo


we’re also going to get into booty music with latin crossover appeal from djs such as dj laz.

dj laz – esa morena


finally, music from and for the club can only be measured by the dance moves it inspires. let us all remember the positive get down energy inspired by peanut butter jelly time.


tune in TONIGHT on from 10pm-11pm.

also, the archive is up from the show two weeks ago with le1f and its a great listen.  he really opened up a lot about his music, what it’s like being a struggling artist in nyc, seapunk (more on that soon), and did a couple of amazing live sets.  CHECK IT OUT!


street science: born underwater

October 26, 2011

merman swag

been following the bol le1f for a minute.  ever since i heard his smooth riff over nguzunguzu’s hate 2 wait, i knew that i had found the tenderspookybanjee* r&b rapper of my dreams.  i have had the pleasure of seeing him twice this summer–opening for shabazz palaces in may and then again at s!ck with dj rashad and dj godfather.  his live performance style can be shy at times, which i find really endearing, but when he’s on, he’s ELECTRIC, FUN, and DELIGHTFULLY SEDUCTIVE.

le1f going to be my guest tonight on street science tonight! my FIRST live performance which i am more than a little nervous about, but i’m bringing incense and prayer candles to whfr headquarters and pray that posi vibes will abound. also, tal1es1n is going to be in the studio as a guest dj for the occasion, which i’m sure will bring more blessings.


BONUS: head over to palms out sounds to check out a new track le1f produced with POS’ boody b

*tenderspookybanjee is the new crazysexycool

street science: fall night

October 13, 2011

the google image search for “fall night” is really rich. just saying.

the best part of my show last night is how much fun i had doing it. there’s really not much more to it. i hope you feel it.

pm_jawn “street science 7.21.11: rap is where it’s at” ゲット [DL]


  1. untitled- keith fullerton whitman. see this.
  2. “magnetic blackness” – champagne champagne x THEEsatisfaction
  3. “born underwater” – boody x le1f
  4. “papap! papap!”- dirty paraffin
  5. “play (remix)” – goapele x los rakas
  6. “beach cruiser” – fam-lay
  7. “mystery brethren environment (child’s view remix)” – mice parade
  8. “guardian” – lunice
  9. “uptown shorty” – VENUS X GODDESS
  10. “rashida jones” – morri$
  11. “levert” – davis
  12. “don’t go down” – dj clent
  13. “leviticus” – philip d kick
  14. “4 loko” – smoke dza x asap rocky
  15. “rolling thunder” – gorgeous children